Payment and price guarantee

All stated prices are retail prices VAT inclusive. Flaws in the pricing and sold-out items excepted. The prices are current prices.

At you can pay as follows:
Mobile Pay
Bank transfer
Credit card
If you pay by credit card, you are always secured against misuse because you have the opportunity to decline a payment if something is not right on your account statement. The data you send when paying online with a credit card are encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer) so that only Nets can read them.
In case your card should be misused in an internet shop which uses SSL in their payment system, you will not have any excess on your loss. Oppositely you always have an excess on your loss in physical shops if your card is misused with use of the pin number. SSL is an integrated part of our payment system here at Rikki Tikki Shop.
The price of your order will not be withdrawn from your account until we have shipped the order. There will never be withdrawn any more money from your account than what you have accepted at the purchase. If a change is made in your order from the time the order is placed until we ship it (e.g. if you regret a purchase etc.), this change will of course be adjusted in the payment.
Rikki Tikki Shop uses ePay which is a safe online payment system.
Bank transfer
Name of bank: Oestjydske Bank
Account: 7230, 0001206743
IBAN: DK4072300001206743
When you pay by bank transfer, you are always to state your name and your order number, which you will find on your order confirmation. Please note that ordered products will not be reserved until we have received your payment.
Price guarantee
If you have seen one of our items in another shop at a lower price, we will sell you the item at the same low price that you have seen. We offer price guarantee on all of our items.
The price guarantee covers all of the items in our shop. However, the following requirements must be met:
The found item has to be completely identical to the one in our shop. The found price must be available to everyone, and it must be valid at the time of issue of the price guarantee. The price guarantee does not cover items which are sold from other countries than Denmark because other markets are often subject to other service and warranty regulations. The price guarantee does not apply with retrospective effect. Please note that we require documentation which proves that you can buy the item at a lower price somewhere else. The documentation has to be currently valid, and it should be presented to us in the form of a link etc.
Therefore the price guarantee does not cover:
Items offered on a first-come/first-served basis etc. Limited quantity items. Offers which are only for members of customer clubs etc.